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Civil War Soldiers' Spiritual Victories


When I first began reading Triumph Amidst Bloodshed, it depressed me somewhat. Thinking about the suffering, pitiful field hospitals, and the cold, unsanitary conditions made me very sad. The further I got into the book, however, I began to see the Holy Spirit at work in conversions, deathbed witnessing, and hungering for Bibles. Before long, I felt the same precious Holy Spirit even ministering to my spirit as I read. Is that possible? Yes!

Jeannine Verinder 
Dallas, Texas

If you enjoy people and history while watching God’s hand at work, TRIUMPH AMIDST BLOODSHED is a “must read.”  For the Christian pastor or teacher, it is a wonderful reference. For those looking for inspiration, you will find it here. For the family historian, the ebook version has much to offer. As we remember the 150th Anniversary of America’s Civil War, we are blessed to be reminded by this incredible book that God is in control.

Barbara Roberts Baylis 
Professional Genealogy Instructor, DAR Volunteer Genealogist, National Speaker, Former President of the Dallas Genealogical Society

I confess that I don’t know much about the Civil War, much less about how Christianity fared during this difficult time in the life of our nation. However, John Reed and Craig Claybrook have edited Triumph Amidst Bloodshed to address this lack on my part and perhaps yours as well. This well-documented work serves to demonstrate that our faith was alive and well in spite of the horror of war, and it inspires us to pursue the Savior in spite of any hardships that we might be facing today. I would suggest that the reader keep this book by his or her bedside and read a little each night so as to give much time to absorb the truths and testimonies contained within.

Aubrey Malphurs 
Senior Professor of Leadership and Pastoral Ministry, Dallas Theological Seminary, President, the Malphurs Group, LLC

I couldn’t put the book down. I enjoyed reading the narratives and first-hand accounts of real life and death situations that took place during the Civil War. Devotion to Christ played a huge role in how the soldiers lived and fought day after day. Thanks for such a wonderful read of Triumph Amidst Bloodshed.

John Robinson 
Director of Autumn Leaves Retirement Home, Dallas, Texas

I’m really impressed with your book. I couldn’t put it down and ended up reading until after 1 am. Some of those stories were really touching and a few even brought tears to my eyes. You should be really proud of it.

Anne Fifield 
Founder and President of Bassett Rescue Across Texas, Carrollton, Texas