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Civil War Soldiers' Spiritual Victories

Pastor Comments on Triumph Amidst Bloodshed

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“Being a busy pastor, I am constantly looking for inspirational illustrations of biblical truth. Triumph Amidst Bloodshed is such a source. I have had a keen interest in U.S. history since I was a child–particularly the conflict of our American Civil War. There are several reasons for this but, as an adult Christian, perhaps the greatest reason is the parallel that I see between this conflict and the struggles of our Christian life.”

“Just as the Christian is challenged to fight the good fight, this book presents wonderful illustrations of men in the worst of circumstances who have let their light shine by fighting the good fight of faith. Swept up in the sea of carnage of hostile war, this book provides wonderful examples of God working through His soldiers (the U.S. Christian Commission). Despite the dark days of maiming and death, it contains rare untold accounts of sacrifice and Christian courage. There are unusual attitudes of thanksgiving on the hearts of the dying and willing obedient faith on the part of those who served. It is the account of Christian Soldiers winning the lost and doing everything they could for the cause of Christ.

“Pastor, teacher, Christian, all will find challenges to dedicate ourselves to a higher purpose no matter the cost. By all means, read these accounts and you will be blessed as was I.”

Pastor Jim McClain

Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Norwalk, Ohio

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